Connecting Leh-Ladakh to New Delhi India enters in the worlds highest rail line project


Haryana News: Difence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman blamed congress for neglecting Ladakh for over past six decades. She said various initiatives like railway line and biggest solar park are in the pipeline for the region for its development. She assured that all the pending issues of the region will be resolved as she listed out various steps taken by The Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government.

Due to harsh weather conditions Leh Ladakh usually remains cut of from the rest of the world for minimum of 6 months annually.

The first survey is already completed and this line will be at the height of 5,360 meters above the sea level. The importance of this line is that their will be railway station under this tunnel at the height of 3,000 meter. More then half of the track will be underground which will keep it working during harsh weather conditions as well. There will be 30 stations in total journey and the longest tunnel will be of 27 KM as informed by the sources.

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